Tina Negri grew up in a large family in the rolling countryside near San Antonio Texas. At a young age her father began operating a Mexican spice and Candy Company and Tina would work long hours helping the family business hand wrapping candy and spices. This early formative experience taught Tina the true value of handmade goods and the unique human connection that comes from a small family business. While studying to become an architect, Tina enrolled in jewelry making courses where she quickly discovered a passion for the process of hand crafting and creating one of a kind pieces. After some time in the architecture profession, and having a young family of her own, Tina was inspired to return to her passion for creating hand forged jewelry. Tina found her artistic voice to be inspired by her spirituality, cultural traditions, and family values. Completing her jewelry education in Mexico, and now with more than 20 years of hand crafting beautiful jewelry, Tina has forged her namesake brand into a top tier jewelry company.


All of Tina Negri’s designs are created in her studio in Seattle Washington. Her creative process begins at her bench with raw materials and her well- worn tools. The integrity and natural form of the materials inspires her designs and allows her designs to reflect their raw beauty. This honest, personal, and respectful approach in her craft is quickly recognized in her heirloom quality designs. Using the highest quality metals and gemstones, Tina Negri creates truly stunning one of a kind heirloom quality keepsakes. Her work has been featured by Mitchell Stores, Nordstrom, Margret O’Leary, & many other boutiques across the U.S.


MARIO'S Seattle
MARIO'S Portland
Mitchell Stores
Margaret O'Leary, University Village, Seattle
Hedgerow, Edison, WA
Hip Zephyr, Mercer Island
Hot Box Betty, Bend, Oregon